Pop's Wines & Spirits

Pop's inventory of wines & spirits is one of the largest in the country. We are very careful and precise in managing that inventory. An efficient inventory makes our ability to provide great pricing possible since many of our purchases from vendors are made on a very large volume basis.

Pop's "End-Bin" wines are wines & spirits that are not turning over at the level we had hoped. Every item we sell is subject to an analysis of its sales. Those that fall below a certain level are designated as "end-bins." Those items immediately receive a 30% discount off our retail price. If, at our next analysis (usually in two months), those items are still in inventory the discount increases by 5%. (35%.... 40%.... 45%.... ) This cycle is repeated until either the item sells out, or the discount reaches 90%. Inventory can be limited, and that inventory is listed with each item and is current as of 7AM that day. (Please bear in mind that Pop's runs a substantial "brick & mortar" operation and a "walk-in" customer may purchase an item listed on our web-site)..

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Special Terms for Pop's End-Bin Wines: When an End-Bin purchase is made, we are unable to adjust that pricing if the wine happens to receive a further reduction. Since most end-bin wines sell out quickly this usually  isn't an issue, but we want to be up-front with our policy. We are able to hold your paid order for six months without charge, but we cannot hold wines for the purpose of waiting for that next reduction in price, if it happens.