Q: How long has Pop’s been in business?

Pop’s was established at this location in 1945. It was established by Peter Poulos and named after his father, a Greek immigrant, who had earned the respect of so many who then came to call him “pop’s.” In 1976, Nick Poulos, his son, took over Pop’s and was ‘bitten’ by the wine bug. Over the years Pop’s has been through six expansions and current revenues are about 60 times what they were in 1976.

Q: Tell me about items marked "sold-out" or "avail 3-days"

A: Generally items marked "sold-out" are not likely to come back into inventory in the immediate future. However, please feel free to place an order for those items. Your credit card will not be billed for anything not in stock and you will automatically be invoiced when the items arrive.

For items marked "avail 3-days", these items are readily available from our suppliers. If they are not already en-route to us, placing your order will trigger an order to our suppliers for these items. As always, your credit card will not be billed for any item not in stock, set aside for your account, and ready to ship.

Q: When will I get my order?

A: All orders placed by 7 AM will ship that day. We will often hold Friday orders for Monday shipment so that they do not sit over the weekend in a truck or warehouse. As a general rule, orders in the NY, NJ & CT areas arrive the next business day. The eastern part of the USA orders take 2-3 business days, the mid-west 3-4 business days and the west 5-6 business days.

Q. My order status screen shows my orders as “submitted to Pop’s”
I placed this order days ago, when will it ship?

A: Your order will ship based on the instructions you originally submitted. If you have provided us with a valid email address, you will automatically receive a ship notification email with a UPS tracking number

Q. I have backorders with Pop’s, how will those be handled?

A. All customer activity is recorded on our internal system. Any orders and/or backorders remain active and you will be notified automatically when they arrive.

Q. What about "futures" and hard-to-get wines that are listed on your web-site, will I get the wine?
A. We often offer wines on a pre-arrival (futures) basis. We are extremely reluctant to pay for those wines up-front, as is usually required by many negociants. We also never, ever take money up-front for that reason. We will gladly accept your order, but we never guarantee that a wine will arrive. When the wines arrive, we will invoice you and only then ask for payment. You are then guaranteed the wine. We have good relationships with our suppliers and we receive almost all of what we order. Things do happen, and we'd rather be honest and guarantee northing rather than make promises and then make excuses.  When wines arrive, we may not necessarily allocate them based on the chronological order of their receipt. We have found, in the past that many people put "place holders" in our system and then only take wine if the price has appreciated considerably. We will generally pass over names that have shown us a history of ordering wines and then returning them to inventory in favor of our regular and loyal customers. Our strategy is admittedly frustrating, but it's honest. Our regular customers love us for it, and the "cherry pickers" hate us for it. We make the same profit either way, but we do the right thing. We would be pleased to offer an assessment of the probability of an order being filled based on the amount promised to us, and the level of orders against that amount.

Q. How come I can't save my shopping basket for a later session like I can on many web-sites?

A: One of the big reasons we do not support these extended sessions is that if we leave shopping baskets live for extended periods of time prices change and items go out of stock. Confusion and frustration then arises. Please feel free to submit your order and request us to hold it pending further additions.

Q. How come some wines have two listings for the same wine at different prices?
A: We frequently accept wines from customers on a consignment basis that we sell on their behalf. It's often possible that two different customers consign us the same wine and since the customer sets the price we separate the two wines and treat them as different items.

Q: How does searching from the Pop's search window work?

A: For text, the system searches for exactly what you enter, so just typing 'cab' will find over 700 matches, but typing 'Alameda Cabernet Sauvignon, Vintner's Selection, Santa Maria Vyd' will find exactly one match. Note that typos in long words will probably result in nothing matching. For example, 'cabernet' will find over 700 matches, but 'carebnet' will find none. Try to pick one word that is unique to what you are looking for and you’re most likely to “hit.” For a four-digit numeric, a match on the year of vintage is returned.